Did You Know?



Did you know that the advisors in the CLAS Academic Advising Center are here on campus even during the Spring/Summer semester?

We are here to help just as we are during the regular academic year. Whether you are on campus taking classes or at the beach, you can relax knowing that we are here to help if you need us.

Enjoy the summer Lakers!


Appointment Survey

Have you recently had an appointment in the CLAS Academic Advising Center? If so, be sure to check your email to find the CLAS Academic Advising Center survey. Let us know how your appointment went and then be entered to win GVSU swag! We value your feedback!


Drop Deadline

Hello Lakers!

Just a reminder that the drop deadline for the Winter 2016 semester is tomorrow, March 11, 2016.

If you are interested in dropping a course, please take a look at our decision tree .

As always, you can review the withdrawal policy on the Registrar’s website.

Enjoy the rest of your spring break!!Reminder


2016-2017 Registration!

The course schedule for the 2016/2017 academic year, including spring/summer 2016, will be available to view no later than March 1st in myBanner.

The registration schedule can be viewed here and allows students to see when they can register for classes. Remember that students can sign up for the full academic year when registration opens.

Students should begin planning for the coming year as soon as possible. Meeting with a faculty or academic advisor before registering for courses is recommended. 

**Please Note: If a student is placed on Academic Probation or Jeopardy of Dismissal, a registration hold will be placed on their record. These students will need to meet with an advisor before they can register for the following semester(s) courses. This advising appointment can be with a faculty advisor or an academic advisor in the CLAS Academic Advising Center. During the appointment, a Registration Drop/Add form will be filled out and signed by the advisor. The student will need to take the completed form to the Records Department (150 Student Services Bldg.) to lift the registration hold.

planning picture

Spring/Summer Courses

Advisors in the CLAS Academic Advising Center are already getting questions from students regarding spring/summer courses!

If you are thinking about taking courses this summer, please read on to learn more!

Spring /summer courses are a great way to earn additional credits, which may help decrease your time to graduation. This semester is normally split into two six week sessions. These courses are condensed versions of traditional semesters. There is a lot of information presented in a short amount of time and some students find this to be challenging. Determining the number of credits to take during the spring/summer semester depends on the your ability and comfort level. If you have questions about taking courses over the spring/summer, be sure to talk to either a faculty or professional advisor.

Note: Not all courses are structured the same during the spring/summer, with some being longer than six weeks. Please review the schedule when it becomes available for each specific course.

Financial Aid

The process for receiving Financial Aid in spring/summer has changed within the last few years. Please visit the Financial Aid website or contact them at 616-331-3234 for more information.

How to be a Guest Student

An alternative option for taking spring/summer classes is to take them at another institution as a guest student. If interested in learning more about being a guest student, please take the time to review the “taking a course outside of GVSU” guide.

This guide offers some information to consider when taking courses at another institution, such as how to apply and how to know what transfers back to GVSU.

GVSU Student Ombuds

GVSU has a representative who works directly with students to walk them through processes, connect them with resources, and provide assistance in regards to:

  • Roommate disputes
  • Disciplinary concerns
  • Cultural issues
  • Financial concerns
  • Housing issues
  • Problem solving
  • Conflicts with friends, faulty, or staff
  • And more…

Takeelia Garrett is the GVSU Student Ombuds. You can call (616-331-3585) or email (garrettt@gvsu.edu) her to schedule an appointment. Takeelia Garrett

For more information: visit www.gvsu.edu/dos/ombuds

Enjoy The Break!

Classes are over and the break has officially started!

We hope you have a fun and relaxing few weeks before the Winter 2016 semester.

Just a reminder that the CLAS Academic Advising Center will be doing walk-in advising the first week of classes, January 11-15. If you need to make any changes to your Winter schedule,please be sure to stop by.

Banner was closed over the weekend due to the payment deadline on Friday (December 18th). Anyone looking for openings in classes should look starting at 3pm today.

See you next year Lakers!


Drop Deadline

JusDeadline Photot a reminder that this Friday (October 30, 2015) is the last day to drop a course for the Fall 2015 semester. The entire course withdrawal policy can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Have questions about dropping a course? Be sure to talk with your CLAS academic advisor! You can call to make an appointment: 616-331-8585.

Have a great week Lakers!

PRE Writing Test and ACT Alternative

Please see below for an important update from the College of Education regarding the Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) Writing Test and the ACT alternative:

As of September 2015, the ACT has changed the way they administer and score the ACT test. The English +Writing combined score has been eliminated and replace with an English + Reading + Writing combined test score.  

For those of you who are considering taking the ACT as a substitute for the PRE Writing, this is no longer an option accepted by the Michigan Department of Education. The Michigan Department of Education is currently accepting the ACT Reading (22) and Math (22) scores in lieu of the  Professional Readiness Exam Reading and Math, as well as the old ACT English + Writing (24) score if taken and passed prior to September 2015 for the PRE Writing.   

If you have any questions concerning this change, please contact your College of Education advisor at 616-331-6650

Study Abroad and General Education Requirements

As academic advisors, some of the Study Abroadquestions we get asked often are about study abroad and the General Education program here at GVSU.

Here are some answers to the common questions we hear:

Can study abroad courses count for Issues courses and/or Foundation courses in the General Education program?

Study abroad courses, whether led by a GVSU faculty member or not, can count for Issues or Foundations (each student can decide which way they want to count it). A three credit study abroad course can fulfill either an Issues or a Foundation course, but not both.

Can students get World Perspectives credit for study abroad?

Students will automatically receive World Perspectives for any three credit course taken abroad.

Can students get U.S. Diversity credit for study abroad?

No, students cannot receive credit for the U.S. Diversity category for a course taken abroad.

Other things to know about study abroad and the general education program –

  • If a student takes a course abroad – led by a GVSU faculty member – and they want Issues credit, their second Issues course must come from a different prefix.
  • If a student takes six credits at a host university – not led by a GVSU faculty member – then the courses can come from the same prefix.

You can find all of this information in a easy to use chart here: http://www.gvsu.edu/studyabroad/general-education-526.htm

Still have questions? Please email them to studyabroadgened@gvsu.edu

Interactive Blueprint

The success of students is very important to Grand Valley State University, which is why we have a Blueprint for Student Success. The Blueprint for Student Success is a tool that faculty and staff can use to support students, and something students can use to help them achieve their goals here at GVSU.

The Blueprint recently just got a whole lot better, as it is now interactive!

Click on the picture below to see the new and improved Blueprint, and learn more about the academic and GVSU landmarks that exist along the pathway to student success.

blueprint (1)

Service Year Information Session

As advisors, we often hear students talk about wanting to take some time off after they graduate. They want to take a service or gap year before getting started in their career.

If you are interested in taking a year or two after graduation to explore the world, develop your skills, take on a new challenge, and give back to the community, then you will want to attend the Service Year Information Session!

September 9th, 4:00-5:50 pm in room 2204 (Pere Marquette) – Kirkhof Center

At this session, you will learn about opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, hear from GVSU alumni about their experiences, and meet representatives from organizations, including AmeriCorps,Challenge Detroit, Literacy Center of West Michigan, Peace Corps and Teach for America.

Need more information? Contact service@gvsu.edu or 616-331-2468.

Service Year Info Pic

Welcome Back Lakers!

We here in the CLAS Academic Advising Center hope that you had an excellent summer and we are so glad that you are back!

We will be offering walk-in advising during this first week of classes (August 31st – September 4th) to serve students. Please stop in if you have any questions or need to make any changes to your Fall 2015 schedule.

Now that you are back on campus, be sure to checkout the new P. Douglas Kindschi Hall of Science New Science Building building, the Marketplace (University Bookstore, Starbucks, and Which Wich), and the new food options located in Kirkhof.

Don’t forget that Campus Life Night is next week, Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 at 6pm. This awesome event will take place in parking lot H (across from the library). Make sure to stop by and learn about all the student organizations on campus!

Hope you have a wonderful first week back and we hope to see you around campus!


Today is the last day of classes for the Winter 2015 semester. We here in the student-hat-2CLAS Academic Advising Center want to wish everyone a wonderful summer, and to say congratulations to all of our wonderful GVSU graduates.


Brittany Holzhueter and Katherine Thome, two CLAS Academic Advising Center Graduate Assistants, will be among the graduates this year. Thank you both for all your hard work. We know you are off to do amazing things!

Brittany and Kate

Katherine Thome and Brittany Holzhueter

We also need to congratulate two of our Professional Advisors, Juanita Davis and Julie Amon, who both received awards this year.

Juanita was the recipient of the Outstanding Academic Advising and Student Services Award. She was presented with her award at the annual AP Awards Lunch last week.

JuanitaProvost Davis and Juanita Davis

Julie received the Outstanding Advisor Student Life Award for the work she does with the Pre-Dental club here at GVSU.


Julie Amon

Well done you two! We know these awards are well deserved.

Good Luck on Finals!

For those who do not know, classes end April 18th and final exams take place April 20-25th. The CLAS Academic Advising Center Finalshopes that you all do great and finish the semester strong.

If you are free at 5pm today, April 15th, you may want to stop by the workshop presented by the Student Academic Success Center called “A Final Exam Plan for Low Stress and High Success”. The workshop will take place in room 2266 – Kirkhof Center and will go from 5-6pm. Here is the description:

Procrastination may be your middle name, but don’t wait until a week (or a few days) before the final to begin your preparation! At this workshop, we will discuss test-taking tips and strategies specifically relating to final exams. Final exams can cause stress and anxiety levels to rise, even in the very best students. Come and identify strategies to deal with the stress that comes with taking tests.

Need to know when your finals take place? Click here to find out (be sure to click on the “Final Exams” tab).

Finally, if you need to get in some extra study time, be sure to check out the extended hours for all University Libraries: http://www.gvsu.edu/library/hours.htm

Good luck Lakers!

A Trip to Ghana

Kelly McDonell, the Assistant Director of the CLAS Academic Advising Center, went on a delegation trip with other members of the GVSU community to Ghana this semester. She has written a guest blog post about her experience for us. Enjoy!

2015 Delegation Trip to University of Cape Coast, Ghana – By Kelly McDonell

Over spring break, I had the privilege to be part of a delegation of 7 GVSU faculty and staff from around the University as we set off to visit Ghana and our partner institution, University of Cape Coast (UCC). After getting settled in the capital of Accra, we started out our visit with a meeting with the US Embassy to discuss the importance of having students and scholars from Ghana to visit Grand Valley followed by a meeting with Education USA, a company that helps students from Ghana find out about study abroad opportunities. We were able to visit some historical sites in Accra, including the W.E.B. DuBois Center, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, and Independence Square, before taking off to Cape Coast to visit our partner institution. While visiting UCC, we heard lectures on Ghanaian Education and Culture, and I was able to meet with faculty from English, Communications, African and International Studies, Classics and Philosophy, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts. We visited with a current GVSU student who is studying abroad at UCC this semester—she is having a fabulous experience! While in Cape Coast we also toured Elmina Castle. Our last leg of the trip brought us up to Kumasi, the second-largest city of Ghana and center of the Asante region. While in Kumasi we visited a village where the weaving of Kente cloth originated, the Kumasi Culture Center, and Manhyai Palace and Museum to learn more about the culture and history of that region. It was a whirlwind trip but a great first experience in Ghana. The staff from University of Cape Coast were friendly and accommodating, the weather was warm and sunny, and the food was delicious. I am hopeful that I will have the opportunity to visit again, and would encourage you to direct students interested in study abroad to our partner institution, University of Cape Coast.

Figure 1 Books in WEB DuBois personal library 

Figure 1 Books in WEB DuBois personal library

Figure 2 Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

Figure 2 Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

Figure 3 A view of Cape Coast from Elmina Castle

Figure 3 A view of Cape Coast from Elmino Castle

Figure 4 Hand-Woven Kente cloth

Figure 4 Hand-woven Kente cloth

Figure 5 Trying my hand at weaving Kente cloth

Figure 5 Trying my hand at weaving Kente cloth

Registration Overrides

It is now easier than ever for students to request registration overrides.

Closed class overrides, prerequisite overrides, registration permits, etc., can all be requested now in myBanner!

The GVSU Registrar has created a video to help students navigate this new process.

There are also Detailed Written Instructions available.

If students have any questions regarding this process, they can contact the Registrar’s Office or contact the CLAS Academic Advising Center (616-331-8585, C-1-140 Mackinac Hall).

Registration Override Picture

Professional Readiness Exam for Teacher Certification

What is the Professional Readiness Exam?apple

GVSU candidates for teacher certification are required to pass the Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) in order to be admitted into the College of Education. To pass the PRE, students must pass each of three subtests: Math, Reading, and Writing.

Alternatives to the PRE

Students may use scores from the ACT or MME (Michigan Merit Exam) in place of the PRE. Here are the score requirements:

            ACT                                                               MME

Mathematics – 22                                               Mathematics – 1116

Reading – 22                                                      Reading – 1108

English + Writing – 24                                         Writing – 1129

Please note: a combination of sub-scores on multiple tests will satisfy the requirement. If you think you are eligible to use your ACT and/or MME scores in lieu of the PRE, please contact the College of Education at 616-331-6650.

Preparing for the PRE

The CLAS Academic Advising Center has many resources for the PRE on its website. 

There will be a PRE Test Prep Session coming up on February 18th, from 4:30-5:45pm in room 2119-Au Sable Hall!! It will cover the Reading and Writing portions of the PRE.