Study Abroad and General Education Requirements

As academic advisors, some of the Study Abroadquestions we get asked often are about study abroad and the General Education program here at GVSU.

Here are some answers to the common questions we hear:

Can study abroad courses count for Issues courses and/or Foundation courses in the General Education program?

Study abroad courses, whether led by a GVSU faculty member or not, can count for Issues or Foundations (each student can decide which way they want to count it). A three credit study abroad course can fulfill either an Issues or a Foundation course, but not both.

Can students get World Perspectives credit for study abroad?

Students will automatically receive World Perspectives for any three credit course taken abroad.

Can students get U.S. Diversity credit for study abroad?

No, students cannot receive credit for the U.S. Diversity category for a course taken abroad.

Other things to know about study abroad and the general education program –

  • If a student takes a course abroad – led by a GVSU faculty member – and they want Issues credit, their second Issues course must come from a different prefix.
  • If a student takes six credits at a host university – not led by a GVSU faculty member – then the courses can come from the same prefix.

You can find all of this information in a easy to use chart here:

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