Spring/Summer Courses

Advisors in the CLAS Academic Advising Center are already getting questions from students regarding spring/summer courses!

If you are thinking about taking courses this summer, please read on to learn more!

Spring /summer courses are a great way to earn additional credits, which may help decrease your time to graduation. This semester is normally split into two six week sessions. These courses are condensed versions of traditional semesters. There is a lot of information presented in a short amount of time and some students find this to be challenging. Determining the number of credits to take during the spring/summer semester depends on the your ability and comfort level. If you have questions about taking courses over the spring/summer, be sure to talk to either a faculty or professional advisor.

Note: Not all courses are structured the same during the spring/summer, with some being longer than six weeks. Please review the schedule when it becomes available for each specific course.

Financial Aid

The process for receiving Financial Aid in spring/summer has changed within the last few years. Please visit the Financial Aid website or contact them at 616-331-3234 for more information.

How to be a Guest Student

An alternative option for taking spring/summer classes is to take them at another institution as a guest student. If interested in learning more about being a guest student, please take the time to review the “taking a course outside of GVSU” guide.

This guide offers some information to consider when taking courses at another institution, such as how to apply and how to know what transfers back to GVSU.